Walking tours on your terms 

Get audio narrations on historical landmarks as you roam a foreign city.

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The problem with traditional walking tours

Walking tours can be a great way to get acquainted with a foreign city but they have issues:

hostage to the route

You're trapped for an hour and captive to your guide's path. You can see only those attractions on the tour and aren't able to wander and explore.

hostage to the schedule

You'll have to contort your schedule around the times the tour is available. Unless you're free at those times you're out of luck. 

hostage to the guide

Did you luck out and get a great tour guide or are you stuck for the next 1.5hrs listening to Lumberg purely out of not wanting to be rude? 

roam freely

The DiscoverPath app allows you to roam a city on your terms getting a spoken narrative about discreet attractions as you pass by. No schedule, no route, no Lumbergs. Roam Freely.

DiscoverPath gives you the benefits of an in-person walking tour but with the freedom of free exploration.

Get the story from a local

Get the same intimate stories told by local only without the long lines, inconvenient schedule and forced itinerary. No more waiting for a tour to start or standing in the back of a big group straining to hear the guide amidst a noisy street. Get a high-fidelity recording right in your ear buds.

Wander freely

Maps shmaps... put your phone away and lose yourself in the moment. With the app in "wander mode" you can leave your phone in your pocket and explore. Audio narrations on nearby attractions will automatically play as you come in proximity of any "wavepoints" (landmarks with audio narrations).

Enjoy a richer experience

A tour guide can only tell you a story in his or her own voice. With DiscoverPath you can hear the famous speeches made while you're standing in the very spot they were given. Hear the music that was composed in the room you're in. Choose to listen in a different language or pick a different tour guide. 

Do it all on your terms

Need to stop for a bathroom break? Feet tired and looking to call it an early day and pick up the wandering tomorrow? Too hot to explore by day but perfect weather at dawn?  Want to see sights off the beaten path?  It's up to you. Wander until your heart is content.

Go discover your path.

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